Sakara Miyazu:

Starting October 2017, Sakara now offers new and unique accomodation in the town of Miyazu, along the seaside in the north of Kyoto prefecture. Enjoy the atmosphere of this newly renovated 100-year-old Miyazu building, with concierge communication and assistance available any time of day.

There is a First floor common room lounge which is open to all guests, and decorated with stylish traditional art. Strong fast Wifi signal available throughout the building. Two similar and private suites are on the second floor, the Dragon Suite and the Pine Suite.

Sakara Miyazu is located in the “old town” district, only minutes walk from the bus stop to Amanohashidate (one of the three most famous views in Japan!) There is a large supermarket nearby with a fantastic selection of local foods, nearrby shops specializing in Japanese name stamps ("Hanko”), calligraphy supplies, and locally made pottery. Several famous restaurants are within walking distance as well.
〒626-0015 Kyoto-Fu, Miyazu-Shi, Uoya-Cho 969

Sakara Miyazu offers two suites for up to four guests each in Miyazu city. Located in the north of Kyoto Prefecture, Miyazu is also known as "Kyoto by the Sea". Sakara Miyazu is ideal for couples, families, or larger groups who want to rent both suites.

• By car - 1 hour 30 minutes from Downtown Kyoto on the Kyoto Jukan highway
• By train - "Kyoto Tango" railway train ~2 hours scenic ride, JR rail pass can be used. Seven minute walk from Miyazu station.
• Bus available from Kyoto or Osaka station three times daily - takes ~2 hours by highway bus. Bus stop name: Kisenba Minato Kan - 2 minues from Sakara Miyazu.
• Parking spaces available at nearby public free parking, 3 minutes walk.
• Walking distance from traditional shrines, restaurants, bars, sightseeing.
• The famous "Amanohashidate" land bridge is 3 km away, easy to access by local rental bike, car, bus, or ferry taxi on weekends. It is known as one of the top three famous views in Japan.